Artist in Residence, AIR Jakobstad

The Residency was started 1996 by Svenska Konstskolans Vänner which was a support oganisation for students at Svenska Konstskolan i Nykarleby - later the Fine Arts programme in Novia University of Applied Sciences.
Until 2012 the residency was located in Nykarleby.
In August 2012 both the educaton and the residency moved to Jakobstad and the new Campus Allegro which houses several educations as well as cultural venues. The AiR and its related projects (workshops, talks etc.) continues in Jakobstad under the adjusted name (AiR-Jakobstad) and a new organisation.
Exchange projects and visiting artists are mainly organised through established contacts and collaborations.

A Grammar of Ornament - A Łuczak & S Chou

Anna Maria Łuczak and Sabrina Chou - Our Guest Artists from September to December 2014.
Their exhibition A Grammar of Ornament at the Museum of Jakobstad (Malm House. Storgatan 2-4) opened 22.11 and goes until 13.12.

A retrospective installation in the Rådhusgalleriet
with contributions from former residence artists (AiR program) of the “Svenska Konstskolan i Nykarleby”.
Site-specific installations/Interventions in public spaces of Nykarleby

En retrospektiv installation i Rådhusgalleriet,
med verk av konstnärer som tidigare deltagit i Artist in Residence-programmet vid „Svenska Konstskolan i Nykarleby“.
Installationer på olika offentliga platser i Nykarleby.
The AiR flat in Jakobstad.
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